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Electric Miles Davis Columbia recordings

The database contains entries for most of Miles Davis's Columbia 'Electric period' recordings. Included are the original monaural LPs (CL series);
original stereo reissues (CS series);
one or two subsequent reissues (e.g. the PC series in the mid-1970s);
the most recent LP reissues (CJ series: many of these are based on digital re-masters).

Davis's Columbia records began appearing in Japan in the late 1950s on the Nippon Columbia label. In 1969 CBS/Sony took over and began reissuing the Davis catalog in a more systematic way.

The listing for Japanese CDs includes several series. In the case of most titles, there are by now five or six issued CD versions:
The original CBS/Sony CDs (35DP series) were released in 1983.
Another series (with 32DP / 50DP catalog numbers) was issued in 1985-1986; this series reissued all of the 35DP titles and added most of the remaining titles from Davis's Columbia years.
The CBS/Sony CSCS series in the late 1980s reissued most of these recordings.
The Sony SRCS 5000 series in the early 1990s reissued most of them again (including several not reissued in the CSCS series).
The Sony "Master Sound" series (SRCS 91xx and 93xx), released beginning in early 1997, used 20-bit masters incorporating Super Bit Mapping. A few of the titles had bonus material not included in previous releases. The initial releases were housed in paper LP-style sleeves.
A subsequent "Master Sound" series (SRCS 97xx), released beginning in mid-2000, incorporated one-bit "Direct Stream Digital" mastering. Several of these titles included bonus material, some of which first appeared on the boxed sets of Miles Davis's recordings that began to appear in the late 1990s. The initial releases had paper LP-style sleeves.
Sony released the first "Super Audio CD" versions of Miles Davis (SRGS 45xx) in mid-1999. These were also based on the one-bit DSD masters. Again, several titles included bonus tracks.

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